Happy Endings

We love a happy ending.  Please contact us if you have adopted from us before. We love to hear how our babies are doing!

This was certainly a happy ending for Tristram:

Tristram is a beautiful white cat with black ears and a big black heart on his side, which is appropriate as he has a beautiful big heart inside.  Poor Tristram was left behind by his owner when she moved and she didn't update his microchip details.  So Tristram had to find his own food and shelter.  He would roam the local gardens hoping someone would help him.  After a year of crying at back doors and living under bushes, a kind family gave him some shelter and regular food but they couldn't take him into their home as the resident cat wouldn't allow it.  So they asked us to help him.  Unfortunately, we could not take him in as we had no room.  We put him on our Facebook page hoping the owner would recognise him and come forward.  Sadly, she did not.  So we put him on the website and within 1 day someone wanted to adopt him.  2 days later, after a home visit, Tristram went to his new home.  He wanted to meet the resident dog and it was love at first sight.  Tristram is a very happy boy.  He has a warm bed, with and without the dog in it, good food, and a roof over his head.  Tristram is a very happy cat with a loving owner.  Good for you Tristram!!