What to do when your pet goes missing

If your pet has gone missing we advise the following:

·        Thoroughly search your home, garage or out buildings in case it is hiding somewhere. Pay particular attention to any secluded, warm areas such as in or behind cupboards and under beds, under dense shrubs and bushes and ask your neighbours to do the same. Keep going back to check these areas throughout the day and evening in case your pet is trying to find its way home.

·        Call local vet surgeries in and around your area, as it may have been handed in to one of them.

·        Get posters and flyers printed with your pet’s photograph and details on, deliver flyers to all your neighbours and surrounding area and display wherever possible including shops, post offices,vets etc.

·        Search on the internet for local rescue centres and report your pet missing:

o /www.animalsearchuk.co.uk

o   www.doglost.co.uk

o   www.petfinder.com

·        If your pet is microchipped you need to contact the chipping company to report your pet as missing.

·        We will happily advertise your missing pet on our Facebook page and website. This is a FREE service we offer. Please email us with as much information as possible:

·        name

·        age

·        sex

·        neutered or entire?

·        microchipped?

·        area where went missing

·        date where went missing

·        full contact details (including your name, address and contact)

·        we need your permission to publish your contact number

·        please provide a recent photograph if you have one and send it to us as a .jpeg file only.

Please be aware that this site is run by volunteers and your advert may not appear immediately - however we will of course do our very best!

Other useful advice

If you receive news of your missing pet it is important that you inform all those that were notified so records can be updated.